Dr. Thomas Schwarz-Romond
Director of Operations

From the start of my career, I have been fascinated by cutting-edge research with an inherent potential to impact diagnostics and therapy. The role as Director of Operations presents me with the rare opportunity to conceptualize, shape and structure an exciting and novel research endeavour at the interface of bioengineering, biomedicine and bioinformatics. It uniquely enables me to blend (i) my expertise from visibly published active research in major European institutions with (ii) a general perspective on disease-relevant science and tangible networks established as senior Editor at The EMBO Journal and (iii) problem-solving, project management and communication skills from a complementary MBA to accelerate HPC-deployment and its international positioning. 

Dr. Thomas Schwarz-Romond

2017 - present
Director of Operations, Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Helmholtz Zentrum München,

Manager Strategic Engagements & Executive Publisher, Elsevier, Germany

Senior Scientific Editor The EMBO Journal & Project lead cross-departmental initiatives, EMBO, Heidelberg

Postdoc, Department of Cell Biology (Mariann Bienz, PhD, FRS, FMedSci), MRC-LMB Cambridge, UK

PhD, Molecular & Cell Biology ‘summa cum laude' (Profs. W. Birchmeier and J. Behrens), MDC for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany

Research fellow at the Institute for Molecular Medicine, Dep. of Endocrinology (Prof. P.O. Berggren), Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden


MBA Focus ‘Leadership’, Graduate School of Management & Law, Heilbronn, Thesis: ‘Strategic alliances in the non-profit sector’

PhD, Molecular & Cell Biology ‘summa cum laude' (Profs. W. Birchmeier and J. Behrens), MDC for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany

Diploma in Molecular Biology, University of Greifswald, Germany


Inventor of ‘Method of inhibiting human Trabid’ MRC-Patent 9074202

Fellowship towards an MBA, Dieter Schwarz foundation

Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (FP 6)

EMBO long-term -postdoctoral fellowship

Poster Price, Nature Reviews in Cell Biology,

DAAD short-term fellowship Memory Research Centre Tiflis


Selected Publications

Focus on induced pluripotency and cellular reprogramming.

Schwarz-Romond T, Kiskinis E, Eggan K.
EMBO J. 2015 Jun 3;34(11):1435. doi:10.15252/embj.201591615.

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Three decades of Wnt signalling.

Schwarz-Romond T.
EMBO J. 2012 Jun 13;31(12):2664. doi: 10.1038/emboj.2012.159.

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Focus on the spatial organization of signalling.

Schwarz-Romond T, Gorski SA.  
EMBO J. 2010 Aug 18;29(16):2675-6. doi: 10.1038/emboj.2010.185.

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Trabid, a new positive regulator  of Wnt-induced transcription with preference for binding and cleaving K63-linked  ubiquitin chains.

Tran H, Hamada F, Schwarz-Romond T, Bienz M.
Genes Dev. 2008 Feb 15;22(4):528-42. doi: 10.1101/gad.463208.

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Dynamic recruitment of axin by Dishevelled protein assemblies.

Schwarz-Romond T, Metcalfe C, Bienz M.
J Cell Sci. 2007 Jul 15;120(Pt 14):2402-12. doi: 10.1242/jcs.002956

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The DIX domain of Dishevelled confers Wnt signaling by dynamic polymerization.

Schwarz-Romond T, Fiedler M, Shibata N, Butler PJ, Kikuchi A, Higuchi Y, Bienz M.
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2007 Jun;14(6):484-92. doi: 10.1038/nsmb1247

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The Wnt signalling effector Dishevelled forms dynamic protein assemblies rather than stable associations with cytoplasmic vesicles.

Schwarz-Romond T, Merrifield C, Nichols BJ, Bienz M.
J Cell Sci. 2005 Nov 15;118(Pt22):5269-77. doi: 10.1242/jcs.02646

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The ankyrin repeat protein Diversin recruits Casein kinase Iepsilon to the beta-catenin degradation complex and acts  in both canonical Wnt and Wnt/JNK signaling.

Schwarz-Romond T, Asbrand C, Bakkers J, Kühl M, Schaeffer HJ, Huelsken J, Behrens J, Hammerschmidt M, Birchmeier W.
Genes Dev. 2002 Aug 15;16(16):2073-84. doi: 10.1101/gad.230402

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Short-term regulation of insulin gene transcription by glucose.

Leibiger B, Moede T, Schwarz T, Brown GR, Köhler M, Leibiger IB, Berggren PO. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998 Aug 4;95(16):9307-12.

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