Breakthroughs that transform discovery

© Carolin Jacklin Photography/ Helmholtz Zentrum München

Scientifically, we are looking for interdisciplinary researchers that embrace human organoids and mini-organ technologies. Putting these on custom-engineered ‘biochips’ will enable unprecedented possibilities for bio- imaging and –sensing as well as the manifold high-throughput -omics and –screening methods.

Bioengineers will develop novel sensors and synthetic probes to gain access to this wealth of novel biological information. IT-specialists and information scientists are needed to develop analytical tools and program algorithms making these data interpretable. The use of primary or iPSC-based human tissue promises, for the first time, immediate clinical relevance by tapping into completely uncharted territory.

The early involvement of regulatory bodies shall accelerate practical application and revolutionize biomedical research, while closing the gaps between discovery to market and public-private entities.

Added Value through Collaboration

At the same time, we are searching for ‚team players’. State-of-the-art biomedical research is becoming more and more collaborative. It thrives on interdisciplinary approaches and draws expertise from a variety of fields and subjects. Strategic collaboration is even more relevant since the tenure of scientists within the Pioneer Campus is restricted. An efficient onboarding process at the Helmholtz Zentrum München is therefore crucial to facilitate rapid scientific productivity. At the same time, working in a variety of networks and effective collaborations accelerates science and naturally creates future career opportunities for Pioneers within the academic or corporate sector, respective their own start-ups.

At the interface of the Pioneer Campus and the Helmholtz Zentrum München, we are privileged to shape the biomedical research of the 21st century. Our joint goal: finding more rapid solutions for pressing societal issues. At the same time, and to stay competitive, it needs new models for innovation and career planning, -progression. Open to novel, while keeping well-tried endeavours will continue to produce tangible medical solutions, such as patents, start-ups, new translational partnerships and treatment modalities. However, only transforming the entire discovery process, together with new concepts in administration and career-development are demanded to attract the future, globally-mobile and digital-literate generation of scientists. The Pioneer Campus at Helmholtz Zentrum München are ideal partner for these challenges.

Wanted: Pioneer Campus Team Leader!

Are you an expert in innovative metabolism research or applied engineering? Experienced in stem cells, synthetic- or systems biology? Or literate with large biomedical data or digital medicine? Have unconventional ideas? Driven to rapidly put knowledge into practice? Pioneer Campus Team Leader wanted. Applications close Nov 5th 2017; a symposium for selected candidates is scheduled for early December 2017.