Vera Manelli receives prestigious Boehringer Ingelheim Fellowship

With a Master in Molecular Biology from the Unversity of Milan, Vera Manelli joined the team of Dr. Boyan Bonev at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus (HPC) in July 2019.

Using transcriptomic and single-locus proteomics approaches to decipher the molecular mechanism of 3D chromatin loop formation in mouse neural development, Vera’s ambitious PhD project has just been recognized by one of the prestigious Boehringer Ingelheim fonds PhD-fellowships.

This award not only offers funding for up to 24 months, but opens the opportunity to join an exceptional scientific network.

The research group of Boyan Bonev at the HPC investigates the genetic and epigenetic blueprints of cortical development and evolution. To accomplish this, the team studies the interplay between transcription factors, the 3D nuclear organization and gene expression in model organisms in vivo and cerebral organoids at the single cell level. At HPC, we are proud to add Vera’s accomplishment to the growing list of awards and recognitions and wish her all success in pursuing her scientific goals.


The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds is a non-profit foundation for the support of basic biomedical research. The fund provides scholarships for outstanding junior researchers, supporting mobility within Europe and overseas. In addition to a basic amount, the scholarship covers travel expenses and/or participation in a conference, as well as crucial access to the very dynamic Boehringer Ingelheim fellow network.

The Helmholtz Pioneer Campus is an innovation campus with a startup culture at the Helmholtz Zentrum München. HPC stands for the intelligent fusion of biomedical sciences, engineering and digitization. Teams of top scientific talents from all over the world work together on the development of novel solutions that makes a difference in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. HPC aspires the values of Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894), a physician and physicist, polymath and science pioneer.