Nina Compera at SoapBox-Science!

SoapBox Science

Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do.

Soapbox Science events transform public areas into an arena for public learning and scientific debate; the pillar is to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, heckle, question, probe, interact with and be inspired by some leading scientists.

No middle man, no PowerPoint slide, no amphitheatre – just remarkable women in science who are there to amaze you with their latest discoveries, and to answer the science questions you have been burning to ask.



Nina Compera, Bioengineering PhD student in Matthias Meier’s team at the Pioneer Campus of the Helmholtz Zentrum München will be part of the next Soapbox Science event and will share her knowledge on how to grow mini-organs.

Don’t miss the event!

When? 27th-28th June, at 19:00

Where? Live on Youtube

Dear Nina, why did you decide to join this adventure and take part in this initiative?

Their aim to bring cutting edge science to the public in an accessible, fun and unintimidating way, inspired me. Having the opportunity to learn and improve the way I talk about my research so that it is easily comprehensible and to inspire other women, kids, students, or anyone else how fascinating science can be, encouraged me to give it a try. This will be my first science communication event, and I am very curious to see how it goes!

What’s your opinion on public engagement? Do you think young scientists should be more involved?

I believe the discussion and exchange with people, especially those who have a completely different educational background and daily work routine than I do, will encourage creativity and inspiration on both sides. From my point of view, being able to communicate your research in an easily comprehensible way, will make you a better scientist.