HPC March Webinars

We are very pleased to announce and welcome three inspiring and innovative speakers at HPC in March. We are looking forward to the webinars of Meritxell Huch (Max Planck Institute Dresden), Hoifung Poon (Microsoft USA) and Tzachi Hagai (Tel Aviv University).


March will be exciting and insightful at PioneerCampus. We are holding three webinars, with speakers from across the globe, covering distinct topics and coming from academia and industry, in truly quick succession. You are most welcome to register and join us on these occasions!

  1. On the 11th of March 2021, 1pm - Host: Matthias Meier and Alexander Kleger
    Meritxell Huch, PhD
    Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
    takes us on a journey on the  principles of proliferation and differentiation of organs and tissues, with a focus on the liver and the pancreas, exploiting the organoid-technology.



  2. On the 15th of March 2021, 5pm - Host: Jian Cui
    Dr. Hoifung Poon
    Project Hanover‘@Microsoft, USA 
    will inform us about their goal to advance precision medicine by bridging biomedical NLP, PubMed-scale knowledge graphs and population-level real world evidence.


  3. Finally, on March 18th 2021, 3 pm - Host: Celia Martinez Jimenez
    Dr. Tzachi Hagai
    Tel Aviv University 
    lectures about cross-species single-cell transcriptomics to reveal human susceptibilities to infectious diseases.



While Dr. Huch’s talk concludes our Pioneer Campus Webinar Series on Pancreas organoids in Diagnostics and Therapy, we are delighted to host Drs. Poon and Hagai jointly with partners from our Helmholtz Center for even wider reach and interdisciplinary exchange.