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Helmholtz Munich’s flagship research building achieves major construction milestone

Experience the first crucial HPC construction phase in ‘fly-buy’ mode.


It took only 18 months from the foundation stone ceremony  to finish the first crucial construction milestone for the highly ambitious Pioneer Campus research building. It’s main features - flexibility, transparency, inspiration and innovation - are the very same traits we much value in our Pioneer groups.
In hindsight, it has been a very bold and visionary Executive decision to recruit the first Pioneer scientists almost two years before the actual construction work started. The visionary undertaking seems to pay-off, as the current Pioneers congratulate - and thereby express their sincere gratitude to all internal and external planners, builders, architects and construction workers - with a fleury of just accepted research papers soon featuring in highly reputed journals such as Cell, Nature Communications and Cell Stem Cell. We will report about these on the Pioneer Campus website and social media channels separately.



"If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect."

    Steven Johnson – author
where good ideas come from’

 Such convergence in building and shaping a healthier society is very pleasing to see: the future inhabitants of Helmholtz Munich’s rapidly emerging innovative research environment delivering in style to their promise and to the Helmholtz center investments; very much like the dedicated staff and committed companies and workers that made the on-time construction of the HPC-building shell a reality.

We invite you to fasten your seatbelt, switch on your speaker and enjoy an emotional ‘fly-buy’ – with credits for the drone-images going to the relentless efforts of the Neuherberg Campus fire-brigade!

More specifics on the building features can be found in the release from the Helmholtz communication department (access through intranet only)


credits: filming Firebrigade HMGU, production Almut Barden, music Scott Holmes, FMA