Jakob Lingg: an astrophysicist at HPC

Jakob is a PhD student at the Graduate Center BioEngineering at TUM. In an interview with his graduate center, he talks about his research, his work environment, and his successes.


Jakob is a graduate student in the Pioneer group of Oliver Bruns. At the core of his project is the construction of a microscope and related method development for rapid implementation. The governing idea is to visualize organisms in a way that internal organs/morphological structures can be recognized under non-invasive, in the longer term future maybe even freely-roaming conditions. As an interdisciplinary project, Björn Menze (TUM Department of Informatics) is co-supervising the work. Björn Menze serves as PI at the Munich School of BioEngineering, Jakob’s membership in the MSB thus a rationale and meaningful step.

The first success of Jakob’s work is now reflected in a co-authorship of a Nature Chemistry paper. The publication a collaboration with partners at the University of California in Los Angeles and a memorable first milestone for Jakob towards his PhD.

Julia Knürr from the Graduate Center BioEngineering interviewed Jakob on this occasion. Please find the actual interview here.

Emily D. Cosco, Anthony L. Spearman, Shyam Ramakrishnan, Jakob G. P. Lingg, Mara Saccomano, Monica Pengshung, Bernardo A. Arús, Kelly C. Y. Wong, Sarah Glasl, Vasilis Ntziachristos, Martin Warmer, Ryan R. McLaughlin, Oliver T. Bruns & Ellen M. Sletten: Shortwave infrared polymethine fluorophores matched to excitation lasers enable non-invasive, multicolour in vivo imaging in real time, Nature Chemistry, 19. Oktober 2020, DOI: 10.1038/s41557-020-00554-5