Competitive funding for clinician-scientist training at HPC

Gina Fürtjes, long-term clinical cooperation partner with Helmholtz Pioneer Oliver Bruns at the University of Cologne, has been awarded both a Clinical Leave grant from her University plus an independent consumable grant from the Head and Neck Tumor Research Foundation.


Such generous support not only recognizes the clinical potential of her project ‘advanced imaging of meningiomas using near-infrared fluorescence’ but empowers Gina to focus entirely on accelerating the research aspects of this extremely advanced translational research endeavor.

The Clinical Leave Program granted by the University of Cologne releases Gina from her clinical duties, to invest all her energy as postdoctoral fellow in the Munich-based research lab of Oliver Bruns at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus. The joined goal is the development and testing of an optical analog for intraoperative use in fluorescence-guided surgery of meningiomas.

The consumables funding from the Head and Neck Tumor Research Foundation comes in at the perfect time to finance this as ‘outstanding’ ranked project by young scientists that promise to improve the quality of life for people with head and neck tumors.

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