Welcome Marion Jasnin

We are delighted to announce and warmly welcome Dr. Marion Jasnin as new Principal Investigator at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus.

Marion will join Helmholtz Munich following an international call and selection through a search committee that included reputed cryo-electron microscopy & -tomography experts (cryo-EM/ET). As trained Biophysicist, and following postdoctoral work at the Institute Laue-Langevin (Grenoble), Marion became a project group leader in the department of Prof. Baumeister at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich.

‘At the right place at the right time’ - cryo-ET technologies and workflows have been revolutionized particularly within the Baumeister department at the MPI - Marion quickly turned into an expert in all facets of this emerging technology, and proactively contributed to both technical and methodological advancements, indeed. Her outstanding expertise and experimental skills in biophysics and structural analysis have hence been invaluable not only to her own projects, but also to those of colleagues and peers.

The focus of the Jasnin Lab @PioneerCampus will be the use of in situ cryo-ET to explore the molecular architecture of actin systems in undisturbed cellular environments and to elucidate the structural principles that govern actin functions at different scales – both in Health and Disease.

Beyond this, Marion and her team will ensure the full deployment of the recently installed cryo-EM/-ET infrastructures @HelmholtzMunich, making them accessible to a variety of cross-departmental topics and research questions.

Marion’s recruitment, together with the widely recognized NMR- and structural biology activities at HelmholtzMunich in close collaboration with the TU Munich and beyond, will position and connect our Center as crucial contributor to the rapidly advancing global cryo-EM/-ET efforts that already reveal unprecedented and fundamental insights into the mechanics of life – and hence, have the potential to inspire novel approaches and solutions to overcome human ailments, strongly aligned with our Center’s mission to deliver for a healthier society.

We are much looking forward to working with Marion and wishing her a smooth and seamless start @Helmholtz Munich.