NEW GROUND features two PioneerCampus Publications

Original scientific articles remain one, if not the major ‚currency‘ in every academic career. The ever increasing complexity of research, combined with exponentially growing numbers of papers require new formats to identify, highlight and appropriately communicate outstanding and significant advances in science – and in an easy accessible, freely to share/useable format!

Exactly this is the overarching ambition of NEW GROUND – a new Open Access metajournal that selects papers across the whole spectrum of scientific inquiry – and works with field-specific, professional science writers to conceptualize some of the most recent and highly notable papers, thereby placing them into a general context for society as well as specific stakeholders incl. patient advocates, funding bodies, governements etc..

We are therefore particularly proud and delighted that two recent publications from the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus PI’s Boyan Bonev in Nature Neuroscience and Oliver Bruns in Nature Methods, respectively, have been selected and are featuring on NEW GROUND - easily shareable, referencing the original work, authored by experts, approved by the original authors to ensure full scientific integrity and correctness.

We coordially invite you to discover new aspects of our papers while checking this new publication format – which may remind some of you of ‚Scientific American‘ or ‚News & Views‘, but bound to fully explore the manifold opportunities of digital OA publishing!

New Ground – Journal for Advances in Science presents selected findings from recognized researchers for audiences beyond the respective specialist communities. The journal’s readership includes researchers and academics across scientific disciplines, as well as decision-makers, policymakers and scientific stakeholders. Each Research Article published on New Ground is based on a scientific article that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Each article is approved by the respective publication’s senior author and is written by a Ph.D.-qualified expert science writer.

The Helmholtz Pioneer Campus is an innovation campus with a startup culture at the Helmholtz Zentrum München. HPC stands for the intelligent fusion of biomedical sciences, engineering and digitization. Teams of top scientific talents from all over the world work together on the development of novel solutions that makes a difference in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. HPC aspires the values of Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894), a physician and physicist, polymath and science pioneer.