HPC External Seminar Series 2022/2023: Patrick Cai

We are very pleased to welcome Patrick Cai (University of Manchester), as a speaker of our HPC external seminar series.

Patrick Cai will talk about:

"From Genetics parts to synthetic genomes"

Abstract: Over the last 9 years, my lab has been building synthetic yeast chromosomes from scratch. These synthetic yeast cells are engineered to allow genome-wide directed evolution with a system call SCRaMbLE (Synthetic Chromosome Recombination and Modification by LoxP-Mediated Evolution). SCRaMbLE allows the synthetic cells to process the information (e.g. environmental stress) differently from their wildtype counterparts, and also enables them to re-configure the genomes to cope with the environments. Finally, I will also discuss the progress of making a minimal yeast genome with genome SCRaMbLEing.

The seminar will be hosted by Dr Na Cai (Pioneer Campus) and take place on March 23, 2023  at 11 am / HDC (36.20), room 0.41.

If you are interested in Patrick Cai´s research, see his personal webpage: the Cai Lab