Volkswagen Stiftung supports visionary project of HPC PI Dr. Jian Cui

The program “Pioneering Research - Exploring the Unknown Unknown” by the VW foundation  “supports groundbreaking and risky research ideas with high scientific relevance”.

Being open to outstanding researchers from all disciplines, this particular funding scheme requires a project that is “radically exploratory and breaks new scientific ground” by addressing an “unexplored scientific challenge and, if successful, it will provide fundamental new impetus to the community”. 

Dr. Jian Cui and his team are exploring an entirely novel route of communication in the brain building upon the group’s expertise in physics and chemistry and combining electrophysiology with novel imaging techniques.

The Volkswagen Foundation supports their ambitious endeavor over three years with ~ 600.000 € from its “Pioneering Research” program as it is well aligned with the mission of their “Exploring the Unknown Unknown” funding scheme.

Congrats, Dr. Cui & team on attaining this funding and good luck on your challenging project!

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