Janna Nawroth: Well-deserved recognition by the scientific community

Awardee of a highly competitive Whitman Early Career Fellowship.

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), linked to the University of Chicago, hosts biologists from around the world to advance biological discovery. Home to this vibrant research community is the Whitman Center with principal investigators from various research fields and academic institutions around the world who bundle their expertise to explore fundamental questions in biology and biomedicine.

Supported by a prestigious Whitman Early Career Fellowship for “The Role of the Olfactory Organ in Symbiont Recruitment in Cephalopods”, Pioneer Campus PI Janna Nawroth will join MBL in summer as one of only 27 grantees worldwide to develop imaging methods for studying the biophysics of cilia-bacteria interactions. During her stay, Janna will investigate how chemical sensing contributes to the specific, cilia-mediated recruitment of symbiont bacteria.

Committee Work: The R2N Scientific Advisory Board

Providing her expertise to the scientific community, Janna accepted the invitation to join the scientific advisory board of the” R2N Verbundgruppe Mikro-Replace-Systeme“. R2N is an academic initiative in Lower Saxony, led by the Institut für Versuchtierkunde of Hannover Medical School (MHH) dedicated to replacing animals in research.  

Through networking, scientific exchange, bundling of expertise and sharing of resources, R2N’s goal is to develop and validate effective, alternatives to animal experiments applicable to a broad spectrum of biomedical research with the long-term goal of establishing a comprehensive R2N expert infrastructure.

Congratulations, Janna – we are thrilled to see yet another PI delivering on the PioneerCampus mission!