HPC External Seminar Series 2023/2024: Nicolas Mancuso

We are very pleased to welcome Nicolas Mancuso (University of Southern California), as a speaker of our HPC external seminar series.

"Scalable Methods for Inferring Genetic Architectures of Complex Traits"

Abstract: Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) across thousands of traits have revealed the pervasive pleiotropy of trait-associated genetic variants. While methods have been proposed to characterize pleiotropic components across groups of phenotypes, scaling these approaches to ultra large-scale biobanks has been challenging. Here, I'll present work from my group that aims to characterize the genetic components of complex traits and disease across diverse populations and ancestries using scalable summary-based approaches.


The seminar will be hosted by Dr Paolo Casale (Pioneer Campus) and take place on September 5th, 2023  at 11 am / HDC (36.20), room 0.41.

If you are interested in Nicolas Mancuso´s research, see his personal webpage: the Mancuso Lab